The Feds Block Help To Texas During The Winter Storm Emergency

Texas was just recently hit with a record cold winter storm. Temperatures were lower in parts of Texas than ever before. As a Texan, I was directly affected. I lost power at 1:30 am Monday morning and was without power for over three days. I live in the country and rely on well water so no electricity equals no water, not that it could flow anyway, it was frozen.

Social media was a buzz with claims of how Texas, who boasts their own power grid, who boasts to have the most / best energy, failed their people Reports are also going around about ERCOT (Energy Reliability Company of Texas), the not for profit organization who manages Texas’s power grid, were shutting off power to manipulate demand and a bunch of blah blah blah.

It turns out, Gov. Gregg Abbot and ERCOT tried to get help before the proverbial crap hit the fan. We are still part of the United States of America but the United States of America seemed to forget Texas. The Department of Energy posted an order on their website that basically told Texas NOPE!

Here are a few key points of the bill in a compilation screenshot:

The order itself is written with a lot of bureaucratic, lawyer, language that sound pretty but the key points.

– You must comply with environmental regulations to produce more energy
– We determined you cannot produce more energy and remain compliant
– You must purchase energy from outside sources before we help

All this, meanwhile, the Democratic Party is using this event to further their agenda. Right away, you see them blaming Texas for not having Green Energy. They do this, while armed inspectors go through each facility and even fly over the plants to measure air quality. The one “toxin” they find is Carbon Dioxide. you know, the stuff plants breath.

Even though Texas has it’s own energy grid, which was restricted by Obama, and freed up by Trump, we now have to get permission to produce more power as needed since Biden re-restricted our production with one of his many executive orders. So as it seems (and I use the word seem to not be so dogmatic and get banned by any platform this is shared on) the left is taking action, or non-action, to further their gain. YET you won’t hear about this on the media.

Also, I’m reaching out to my state and federal reps to make sure this never happens again. If you’d like for me to also reach out on your behalf, I’ve created a petition you can also sign

Click here to sign the petition

Read the DOE Order here

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